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Museum and Hotel: A possible combination with the Albornoz Palace Hotel

Albornoz Palace Hotel wants to be much more than a 4-star hotel where to spend an unforgettable stay in Spoleto. In an area with an invaluable artistic heritage, even a hotel can become, first of all, a real residence of art. A harmonious meeting point between hotel and Museum of Contemporary Art in Umbria, accessible to all lovers of beauty.

It is possible to admire a permanent and evolving collection of over 300 masterpieces of the artistic tendency that arose in the period of modernism. The works of art are integrated and made specifically for the environments of the Albornoz Palace Hotel by contemporary Italian and international artists. The history of this hotel – museum is marked by the desire to be a living reality for the city and for Umbria. A reference point to be able to appreciate contemporary artistic taste.

You will discover a vast collection of ceramics from the Thirties / Fifties in continuous updating!

The Atelier Project

The long journey through Contemporary Art is inaugurated by the beautiful realization “Wall Drawing” of Sol Le Witt inside the hotel lobby. The great American artist, who chose Spoleto as the second homeland, was the first to start the adventure of this museum.

The hotel adheres to the modern artistic definition for which art and architecture find synthesis of common language. In this way, we contribute to the diffusion and free use of Italian and international Contemporary Art. Starting from the hotel entrance; the hall, the corridor, the rooms, the restaurant and the meeting rooms are the exhibition areas of the museum but also integral parts of the works themselves.

The philosophy of the Atelier Project is based on the theory and practice of the intersection of artistic languages. The goal has always been to open the hotel spaces, which thus became the artistic gym of famous and emerging contemporary artists.

Following are just some of the many works of art that you can admire while staying at the Albornoz Palace Hotel.